Bright Wire

Metalwire has different types of bright wire in its supply programme. Our wet-drawn wire has a qualitatively excellent surface. This makes the end products of this wire especially suitable for nickel plating and chrome plating. And of course, the products can also be galvanized or epoxied.

We can also supply you with a commercial quality wire. This wire, often mechanically stripped, is extremely suitable to be galvanized or epoxied later. Bright wire is used for, among other things, displays and shopping trolleys.
We can supply all the types of wire mentioned in a wide range of formats. Examples are spooled coils, cheese wound coils, pattern laid coils or catch weight coils. We also supply cut lengths. 
The tensile strengths of the wire are always according to customer specification.

Should you require further information about bright wire, please contact Frank Bertrams.