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Miscellaneous Wires

For anyone in need of industrial wire: Metalwire

We deliver most products in our four main categories (stainless steel, galvanized wire, baling wire, quicklink bale ties), from stock. If you have any questions about one of these product groups, our dedicated product specialist is always there to help.

Are you looking for industrial wire that doesn’t fit these categories? We have got you covered. Metalwire provides a fitting solution for:

  • aluminium wire
  • bare wire
  • high-carbon wire
  • copper wire
  • cold heading wire
  • welding wire
  • brass wire
  • strapping band
  • spring steel wire
  • copper-plated wire
  • nickel-plated wire
  • tin-plated wire
  • braided wire
  • weaved wire
  • zinc-aluminium wire
Miscellaneous Wires
Miscellaneous Wires
Miscellaneous Wires
Miscellaneous Wires

A selection of wire types available in addition to stainless steel wire, galvanised wire, baling wire and quicklink bale ties: 


Can’t find your industrial wire type in this overview? 

Our sales team is happy to help you find it.


Download Aluminium alloys product sheet

Download Steel types and standards product sheet

Download Steel terminology product sheet

Download Packaging options product sheet

Miscellaneous wires

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